Tampons & Condoms & Guns

Troopers confiscated tampons, pads, and condoms fearing they could be thrown in protest. Those with concealed weapons permits could still bring in their firearm. The headline is not inaccurate. 

I don’t think those statements are related, though. Look at them separately. 

• Standing procedure no matter what the issue is: no projectiles, and pay attention to ones that make a statement. If a quarry is an issue, look for rocks or marbles. If it’s taxes, no rolls of coins. If it’s about reproductive health – yeah, they decided no tampons, pads, and condoms. I think that was a gross overreaction on their part. An unused tampon isn’t going to hurt anyone if it’s flung. But, they were probably unwilling to stray from procedure. I disagree with THIS part, this decision.

• Guns go everywhere in TX, why would this be any different? 

People are bringing in an unrelated topic to stir the poo again, I think. Like the cathedral in France and the churches in the South; I guess you can make that correlation but I certainly wouldn’t have.