Satanic Taxes

I am a Minister for the Church of Body Modification. My forte is providing advocacy for those in need. I’ve helped teens talk to their parents, students find compromises with their schools, and helped employees educate their employers and inspire dress code changes. 

The CoBM was founded in 2000. It gained federal recognition as a religion in 2008. Being “federally recognized” is not a certificate or license. It requires two things: being incorporated and qualifying for tax exempt with IRS. I was part of the CoBM restructuring in 2008. I’m familiar with the laws in place. 

The Church of Satan (official) and The Satanic Temple are not the same entity. Even more interestingly, they don’t share some core values. 

The Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple are not the same entity. Click To Tweet

This is a fun read:

I’m not saying one is better. They’re just different. 

The Church of Satan believes that Churches should pay taxes. Even though they DO qualify for tax exemption, they will not take advantage of it. 

From the Church of Satan website:

“Strict taxation of all churches: If churches were taxed for all their income and property, they’d crumble overnight of their own obsolescence, and the National Debt would be wiped out as quickly. The productive, the creative, the resourceful should be subsidized. So long as the useless and incompetent are getting paid, they should be heavily taxed.”

The Church of Satan, “Pentagonal Revisionism: A Five-Point Program”

The Satanic Temple seems to believe that not taking advantage of the tax exemption is in some way rejecting being a federally recognized religion. Earlier this morning, I noted a few versions of articles titled “The Satanic Temple is now a Federally Recognized Church.” Eh, RELIGION, but whatever. They’re hoping to level the playing field with other mainstream religions.I think they’re both right. 

With regard to taxes, I side with Church of Satan, but the Satanic Temple is not wrong about arming themselves. There are uninformed or misinformed people out there who will point to the lack of tax exemption usage and use it as an excuse to deny religious freedoms.

Tampons & Condoms & Guns, oh my!

Troopers confiscated tampons, pads, and condoms fearing they could be thrown in protest. Those with concealed weapons permits could still bring in their firearm. The headline is not inaccurate. 

I don’t think those statements are related, though. Look at them separately. 

• Standing procedure no matter what the issue is: no projectiles, and pay attention to ones that make a statement. If a quarry is an issue, look for rocks or marbles. If it’s taxes, no rolls of coins. If it’s about reproductive health – yeah, they decided no tampons, pads, and condoms. I think that was a gross overreaction on their part. An unused tampon isn’t going to hurt anyone if it’s flung. But, they were probably unwilling to stray from procedure. I disagree with THIS part, this decision.

• Guns go everywhere in TX, why would this be any different? 

People are bringing in an unrelated topic to stir the poo again, I think. Like the cathedral in France and the churches in the South; I guess you can make that correlation but I certainly wouldn’t have.

NEO Earth Close Approach

I found this site with Near Earth Objects & Earth Close Approaches. It’s maintained by JPL and NASA. Occasionally, you’ll hear that an asteroid is going to come closer to Earth than the Moon. Is that significant? Eh, maybe? There are other factors. 

Don’t just look at the site and think we’re dinosaur-brand doomed. Check out these numbers to put it in perspective. I just compiled this list, and I did it sort of quickly. Some of these numbers may be a little off, but it will still paint the picture. 

Mercury: Diameter = 3,031.9 mi
Venus: Diameter = 7,520.8 mi
Earth: Diameter = 7,917.5 mi ⬅︎ That’s us.
Mars: Diameter = 4,212.3 mi
Jupiter: Diameter = 86,881 mi
Saturn: Diameter = 72,367 mi
Uranus: Diameter = 31,518 mi
Neptune: Diameter = 30,599 mi
Pluto: Diameter = 1,476.8 mi

If you were to string all of these planets end-to-end, the length of the string would be the sum of the diameters.

Length of 9 Planets end-to-end: 245,524.3 mi

Distance from Earth to the Moon: 238,900 mi

These aren’t intuitive values for most people. I mean, the Moon is RIGHT THERE, isn’t it? Jupiter and Saturn are so BIG compared to Earth, right? Size is relative, but distance and diameter are not.

Length of 9 Planets end-to-end: 245,524.3 mi. Distance from Earth to the Moon: 238,900 mi. Size is relative, but distance and diameter are not. Click To Tweet