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Elisa Lam was last seen alive by a bookstore owner near the Cecil Hotel on January 31, 2013. Elisa Lam also checked in with her parents on this date according to her sister, Sarah Lam. Ms. Lam is seen in the now infamous elevator video on February 1, 2013. Ms. Lam was discovered deceased in the rooftop water cistern (water tower) of the Cecil Hotel on February 19, 2013. The Coroner ruled the cause of death to be accidental drowning.


Subject NameElisa Lam
Cantonese Name: Lam Ho Yi
Nickname: L.L.
Location of IncidentRooftop Cistern, Rooftop Watertower
Cecil Hotel (Now “Stay on Main Hotel”)
640 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, California 90014; USA
Date & Time of IncidentLast Seen: January 31, 2013
Discovered: February 19, 2013
Type of CaseMissing Persons
Death Under Unusual Circumstances
DispositionSubject Discovered Deceased
Face Up [1] [2] -or- Face Down [1] in Rooftop Cistern
* Face Up is most often reported.
Cause of DeathAccidental Drowning
Case StatusUnresolved; Resolution Speculative





Main Subject: Elisa Lam (Deceased)


Subject Alias #01Lam Ho Yi (Cantonese)
Subject Alias #02L.L.
Date of BirthApril 30, 1991
Date of DeathJan 31 – Feb 19; 2013
Per Coroner: ???
Age at Time of Disappearance/Death21 Years + 10 Months
Location of BirthVancouver, British Columbia; Canada
Residence at Time of Disappearance/DeathVancouver, British Columbia; Canada
Location of DeathLos Angeles, California; USA


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Incident Location: Cecil Hotel; 640 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90014


Factors & Explanations


Logical, Medical, or Scientific Factors

  • Elisa Lam was being treated by a Physician in her hometown for Depression and Bipolar Disorder with prescription medication.
  • Elisa Lam has a prescription for Quetiapine. The Quetiapine was prescribed by Dr. Sarah E. Scarfe and filled at London Drugs (Canadian Pharmacy), 604-570-0252, Prescription Number: 7153992; Prescribed 01/11/2013. She was issued 30 tablets. There were still 20 in the bottle. RX Directions: 2 Tabs QHS PRN (QHS = Abbreviation for L. quaque hora somni, every bedtime; PRN: Abbreviation meaning “when necessary”).
  • If there are 10 tablets missing from the bottle, Elisa Lam might have taken them in the 21 days between when they were prescribed (January 11, 2013) and her disappearance (February 1, 2013).
  • There was “ND” – Not Detected – in Elisa Lam’s system for Quetiapine and Quetiapine Metabolite in the Coroner’s Report.
  • Per the FDA, Quetiapine has a 6 hour half-life.
  • Should the Quetiapine have appeared in her toxicology if she had taken it in the days prior to her death?
  • What are the side-effects of starting and stopping this medication? Does it need to be titrated up on? Is it common to be used “as needed”?


Supernatural, Paranormal, or Unproven Factors

  • Strange behavior in the elevator and in the vicinity.
  • Was Elisa Lam possessed? Was she fighting something unseen? [See Elevator Video]
  • Was “The Elevator Game,” a Korean ritual, a factor in Lam’s disappearance? Did she end up in another dimension?


Prevailing Explanation

  • Elisa Lam drowned in an accident whose details have been thus far unavailable or speculative.




David and Yinna Lam filed a wrongful death case against Cecil Hotel Management. [See Also: Wrongful Death Case Documents]


Comments & Opinions


Weird stuff happens.




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  • Missing Person Alert/Flier for Elisa Lam [.PDF] – Released February 6, 2013


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