Unanswered Questions


1. Where are Elisa Lam’s glasses?

  • Possible Answer: Glasses get lost on a normal day. It’s not impossible that she lost them.
  • Refutation of Answer: People who are reliant on glasses would have a backup pair with them if they were traveling to another country.


2. Elisa Lam was found in the water cistern naked, floating face up. Her clothes were also in the water. Those clothes, as described in the Coroner’s Autopsy Report match what can be seen in the Cecil elevator video. How did she end up naked?

  • Possible Answer: Perhaps she fell into the cistern. Her wet clothes might have been weighing her down as she was trying to get out, so she removed them.
  • Refutation of Answer: Taking clothes off while wet and still in the water is nearly impossible for most people. Might an adrenaline rush been sufficient for her to do it? Unknown.


3. Why was she in the water tower? Did she go in willingly? Was she forced in?


4. How did Elisa Lam and/or other involved parties get passed the alarms set on the way up to the roof?


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