Most of Us Have Questions

They might be big questions or little ones, but we all have them. I like looking for the answers to peoples’ questions. As a licensed Private Investigator with over 20 years of experience, I have a unique view on data collection and analysis.

It’s a careful dance between “what information is available” and “what information is relevant.” Define terms. Identify involved parties. Note the date, time, and location. Document location names, zone variations (school, landfill, large body of water). Assign relevance, look for other patterns and similarities. Go back to the beginning: clarify terms, identify who is at the heart of this, determine how the time and location played a role.

The investigation fractals. It gets more specific as the information collected grows. Why would it matter, then, if I’m looking for a witness to a traffic accident or Bigfoot himself?

Stay objective. Seek the truth, not proof of what you believe. I am constantly looking into topics from religion and ethics to cryptids. While formulating an informed opinion on any topic, I do a fair amount of research. That sort of data with sources cited is valuable for everyone and I share my notes openly.

Let me know if I can help you find anything.